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Sound Level Meter

Cosber Sound Level
Sound Level Meter

Sound Level Meter HY Series

HY128 sound level meter is a digital multi-function sound level meter, designed to measure the frequency weighted and time weighted sound pressure level, equivalent continuous sound level, exposure sound level, statistical sound level, etc. Acoustic evaluation, it has 4 working modes of integration average, integration parallel, statistical analysis and 24h measurement for users to choose. The instrument also provides optional low-frequency weighting for secondary radiation noise measurement.

This series of products has two types of explosion-proof type and non-explosion-proof type. The explosion-proof type is divided into intrinsically safe explosion-proof and mine intrinsically safe explosion-proof. It has an 8G SD card inside, and comes standard with AA battery power. At the same time, users can choose the power bank provided by the company to supply power according to their needs. The instrument also has functions such as recording, timing shutdown, GPS positioning, Bluetooth, etc

It is suitable for on-site measurement of noise from electromechanical products, environmental noise, traffic noise, industrial hygiene, and workplace noise.

Specification :

  1. Microphone: HY207 pre-polarized capacitive type 1 engineering measurement microphone, free-field frequency response, nominal diameter 12.7 mm, nominal sound pressure sensitivity of 50 mV/Pa (nominal sound pressure sensitivity level of -26 dB, reference The value is 1V).
  2. Frequency range: 10Hz-20kHz.
  3. Frequency weighting: A weighting, C weighting, Z weighting.
  4. Time weighting: F (fast), S (slow), I (pulse).
  5. Low frequency weighting: 16Hz ~ 200Hz (used for secondary radiation noise measurement)
  6. Measuring range: 30dB(A)-130dB(A), 40dB(C)-130dB(C), 45dB(Z)-130dB(Z)
  7. Performance level: performance meets the requirements of GB/T3785 and IEC61672 level 1.
  8. Preset time: manually set, the measurement duration is 3 s ~ 99 h 59 min 59 s.
  9. Display: 128 x 128 dot-matrix liquid crystal display (LCD), resolution 0.1dB, display Lp, Leq, LAE, L5, L10, L50, L90, L95, Lmax, Lmin, LCpeak and other parameters, at the same time with overload and under Limit, low battery voltage, etc.
  10. Analog output: The output jack is a 3.5 mm dual-channel headphone jack with a minimum load impedance of 10 kΩ.
Integrated Sound Level Meter

DC voltage output: 15 mV/dB, 450 mV ~ 1950 mV in the whole measurement range, (that is, 1950 mV when the upper limit of the measurement range is 130 dB, and 450 mV when the lower limit is 30 dB).

AC voltage output: The output voltage has a linear relationship with the measured sound pressure, corresponding to the upper limit of the measurement range, and the root mean square value of the output voltage is 2.0V.

  1. Data output connector: USB B-type socket for data output, which can be connected to the upper computer program for data processing, and it can also directly send commands to the computer for data transmission.
  2. Print output connector: The output connector is a DB9 male (pin type), RS232 serial communication port, ASCII code output, and an external RD-V32-SN portable mini thermal printer.
  3. SD card: 8G.
  4. Power supply: 2 AA batteries or a special power bank provided by the company for this product.
  5. Dimensions: length×width×thickness 210mm x 68mm x 31 mm.
  6. Weight: 210g.
  7. Operating temperature range: -10°C ~ 50°C.

HY Model :

  1. Sound Level HY 104
  2. Sound Level HY 114
  3. Sound Level HY 108
  4. Sound Level HY 118
  5. Sound Level HY 128
  6. Sound Level YSD 135

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