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Software Integration

Cosber Integration Vehicle Inspection
Software integration inspection

Vehicle Inspection Station System

Cosber has launched its first CVIS-CL testline system in China, according to the modernization approach of Chinese Vehicle Inspection regulation. This is a 10 tons computerized vehicle testline system with automatic control concept, which is dedicated for the use of national Vehicle Inspection Station (VIS). Up to today, the KQQZ system became more reliable and intelligent; its configuration ranges are greatly expended to need multipurpose inspection requirement, and flexible by covering a wide range of vehicles from motorcycle to heavy duty vehicle.

VIS system is an automobile inspection system that uses modern detection equipment, digital communication technology and computer application technology to inspect and diagnose automobiles without disassembly. It can measure and detect most of the parameters and possible faults to evaluate the performance of automobiles.

This control software is installed on the Industrial Computer (IPC) on the stage and communicates with the equipment’s CMB (Main Control board wiht Processor) through Com Port or USB,and the CMB controls and manages the equipment of Testline through Analog & Digital Signal to execution unit. The CVIS-CL software is able to control the equipment independently to operate and carry out the calibration of equipment. When LAN connected with others IPC and Main control PC, it is able complete the steam-line work tasks in the Inspection center.

Software integration inspection

Features :

  1. Add the process and product configuration requirements of the latest national standard GB38900-2020;
  2. The system software and hardware are independently developed and supported by Cosber, and it has independent intellectual property rights; Organic combination of software and hardware to provide customers with efficient and fast services;
  3. The system adopts Windows operation platform, proprietary technology industrial control module, fast response, high detection accuracy, convenient maintenance;
  4. The system adopts a modular design, so that the system has good maintainability and expandability, and is convenient for networking with the management department; And with real-time detection, automatic processing, equipment diagnosis and timeout alarm and other advanced functions;

Specification :

Software integration inspection

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