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Boogie Roller

Cosber Free Boogie Roller
Free Boogie Roller

Free Boogie Roller

Free/Boogie Roller is designed to inspect the speed exactitude of a vehicle. Vehicle is able to running up to 120km/h on the roller of the tester, simulating the road condition without a real road test.

A test of braking systems in 4WD vehicles is performed without need to turn the drives off. To this end one drives with the axle to be tested on the roller brake tester while the non-tested axle should be placed on the mobile roller set. Then the test is carried out like in the case of a one axle drive vehicle.

Features :

  1. Extra-strong structure roller set
  2. Pneumatic lock of roller design
  3. The rollers are coated with special techniques to prevent slippage between the tires of the vehicle and the surface of roller
  4. Quantity of rollers can be tailored to assist speedometer in testing vehicles with different wheel base
  5. The use of pneumatic FRL ensures that the pneumatic components work well and are well-protected
Free Boogie Roller

Specification :

Free Roller Specification

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