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Telescopic Inspection

Cosber Check Under Vehicle
Telescopic Check Under Vehicle Inspection

Telescopic Inspection Under/Heading Box Vehicle System

TVS-500DVR is one of the lightest but also one of the longest telescope cameras. A great advantage of the camera is the flexible head which can be adjusted to the desired direction just by bending it at any angle.

The camera is located at a telescopic handle which is also equipped with a control panel and a 5" screen. The maximum length of the handle is 460 cm. It makes it possible to thoroughly examine problematic places e.g. clogged gutters, leaking ceilings or hornets’ nests inside the facade elements, centimetre by centimetre.

TVS-500DVR telescope camera enables video recording, live view and taking photos. Recordings are saved on removable SD cards with the maximum capacity of 32 GB. The saved footage can be viewed on the external screen with the use of cable, or on another device after connecting the SD card.

There are 12 LED diodes in the telescope camera head to enable night inspection within the distance of 5 meters. Apart from its light weight (1.5 kg), another advantage of this inspection camera is wide viewing angle of up 120°, which enables viewing of a large area.

Telescopic Check Under Vehicle Inspection

TVS-500DVR telescope camera enables inspecting places that are difficult to reach. Its great functionality and durability provide convenience of operation both during the day and at night, inside as well as outside.

Features :

  1. Flexible Camera Head
  2. Camera head size Ø23 x 320mm;
  3. Total extended pole length 460 cm ( 15 feet)
  4. Camera head housing material stainless steel
  5. Camera lens cover material sapphire glass
  6. Sensor size 1/4 inch
  7. Field of view 120°
  8. 12 high intensity white LED lights
  9. Camera can see more than 5 meters under total darkness
  10. Monitor
    1. Tampilan Layar LCD
    2. 5" LCD screen
    3. Resolution: 840 x 480
    4. Monitor size: 130 x 80 x 10 mm
  11. Control Box
    1. Power supply 12V
    2. DVR control buttons
    3. SD card(max 32G) jack
    4. LED brighness adjusting knob
    5. A/V&photo selection available
    6. On/off MIC control button
  12. Power supply
    1. High capacity 1400MAH lithium battery power supply
    2. Charging time 4 hours, working hours 5 hours
  13. Carrying case
    1. Aluminum carrying case
    2. Total weight 1.5kg
    3. Unit operating temperature: -10 to 50°C, RH 95% maximum
    4. Storage temperature: - 20 to 70°C, RH 95% maximum

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