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Portable Octane and Cetane Meter

Alat Ukur Kualitas Bahan Bakar Bensin dan Solar

OCTANE AND CETANE METER OCTANE NUMBER associated with a motor fuel (as the CETANE NUMBER associated with a Diesel fuel) is a measure of the performance of that fuel. The number corresponds to the preignition properties of the fuels as compared with standard fuel mixtures. Pure isooctane is defined as having an octane number of 100, while heptane is defined as having an octane number of 0. A series of standards containing heptane, isooctane, and toluene are used to define a scale between these two bounds. The ASTM Standard Procedures for determination of octane numbers require the use of knock engines.

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  • Portable octane and cetane analyzer with USB interface
    Research (RON) and motor (MON) method
    Results are consistent with ASTM D2699, ASTM D2700, ASTM D613, ISO5163, ISO 5164, EN 25163, EN 25164 and traceable to official knock engine laboratory
    Device is constructed to withstand extensive field use
    Results in less than 10 seconds
    Measures all grades of unleaded gasoline
    Comes with carrying case
  • Fuels from different refineries may have a difference in typical dependence of dielectric permeability — octane (cetane) number, made of pure isooctane and heptane. So it may be necessary make an individual calibration, taking a certain fuels as standards, testing them by knock engine. OCTANE-IM provides an easy way to make calibration and can manage up to 10 individual calibrations.


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