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The Spectrum company's technology is focused on four (4) primary product groups. They include:

Weather & Environmental Monitoring

  • WatchDog Weather Stations
    WatchDog Data Loggers
    SpecWare Software
    Nutrient Management Tools
  • SPAD 502 Chlorophyll Meter
    FieldScout CM-1000 Chlorophyll Meter
    Cardy Meters for pH, EC, NO3-, K+ and Na
    Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Tools
  • Fifteen Plant Disease Forecast Models (SpecWare software)
    Insect Modeling Software (SpecWare software)
    Degree-Day Recorders (WatchDog) and Software (SpecWare)
    IPM Scope
    Soil Moisture & Quality Measurement
  • FieldScout TDR 300 Soil Moisture Probe
    FieldScout SC 900 Soil Compaction Meter
    WaterScout SM 100 Soil Moisture Sensors
    WatchDog Soil Moisture Data Loggers

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