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KIMO Instruments , supplies a broad spectrum of customers from small HVAC installers to large industrial plants, whatever the application, thanks to its wide range of portable and fixed instruments. KIMO product lines can meet requirements as diverse as pharmaceutical laboratories, airports, nuclear power stations, defence, paper or automotive industries.

KIMO pays the greatest attention to Quality and constantly improves its laboratories in order to control its own manufactured equipment, as well as to carry out calibrations under AFNOR standards, for pressure, humidity, air velocity, airflow and combustion.

For more than 30 years, KIMO has been expanding and makes it a point of honour to be at the forefront of research and progress, and to offer high-quality services. KIMO is in touch with clients’ needs, and also stimulates market demand.

Vane Anemometer Airflow Meter Air Velocity Stasionery

LV 101 - Ø 14 mm vane
LV 107- Ø 70 mm vane
LV 110- Ø 110 mm vane

Air velocity : 0,25 to 35 m/s
Air flow : 0 to 99999 m³/h
Temperature : -20 to +80°C

Measuring range: from 40 to 3500m3/h or from 24 to 2060 cfm
Quick and simple hood changes
Simultaneous display of airflow and temperature
Automatic detection of airflow direction (supply and exhaust)
Thermo-anemo-manometer functions

CTV 100 Air Velocity
CTV 210 Air Velocity
CTV 310 Air Velocity
DEBIMO Airflow Blades

Measuring : from 0-1 m/s to 0-30 m/s and 0 to +50°C
Interchangeable measurement probe
Simultaneous display of 4 parameters

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Humidity-Hygrometer Air Quality Monitoring Sound-Noise Meter
Hygrometry: 3 to 98%HR
Dew Point: 50 to +80°Ctd
Temperature up to: -200 to +1300°C

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
CO2: 0 to 5000 ppm
Temperature: -20°C to +80°C
hygrometry: 5 to 95%HR

A-weighted measurement range: 30-130 dB
C-weighted measurement range: 35-130 dB
Z-weighted measurement range: 35-130 dB
Peak channel measurement range: 83-133 dB
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