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Kanomax group has its origins in Kano Laboratory established by Goro Kano who was the founder of Kanomax Japan Inc incorporated back in 1951. For the past 60 years, Kanomax has been continuously growing due to its engineering excellence in fluid, aerosol/particle, environmental and integrated system measurement technologies.

By the 1970's Kanomax had become a leading manufacturer of anemometers and particle measuring instruments in Japan.
Kanomax has recently launched its global operations to further provide the best measurement solutions available in the market.
We are proud of the quality and service of Kanomax products which have a proven track record in the highly-demanding Japanese market.

Kanomax is an ISO 9001/ISO14001 certified company. Kanomax management and production procedures adhere to these international quality standards.

Anemometers and other field test equipment for HVAC testing and balancing.
IAQ & gas monitors and particle counters for IAQ investigations. Instruments for cleanroom certification and monitoring.
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Dust and gas monitors and nano particle counters for industrial hygiene and occupational safety.
State-of-the-art instruments for practical mass analysis, black carbon detection, and aerosol sampling. Air flow measurements in automotive and industrial cooling & drying processes.
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