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Indoor Air Quality

IAQ Monitor IQM 60 IAQ Monitor IQM 60
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Handheld IAQ Monitor Model 2211 Handheld IAQ Monitor Model 2211
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The IQM 60 Indoor Air Quality Monitor enables simultaneous monitoring of the most common parameters for indoor air quality Kanomax IAQ Monitor 2211 features quick start-up and high accuracy in measuring carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide concentration levels in the environment

Series 500 IAQ Survey Series 500 IAQ Survey
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Handheld Particle Counter 3887 Handheld Particle Counter Model 3887
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Handheld Gas Monitor IAQ Survey
Multi-sensor capability (3 gases, Temperature & Humidity)
Cleanroom Verification / Monitoring
Clean Bench Verification
IAQ Investigation
Food Processing Investigation

Networked Gas Monitoring System Networked Gas Monitoring System
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Handheld Particle Counter Model 3800 Handheld Particle Counter Model 3800
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  Handheld aerosol research instrument with Nano particle counting capability
Indoor Air Quality Investigation
Aerosol Research


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