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Distributor of Analitica Strumenti is manufacture High Volume Air Sampler Full made in ITALY.

High Volume Air Sampler for sampling of PM10 particles with 1.27 m3-minute suction flow in accordance with norm UNI-EN 12341 (reference sampler) and with US EPA CFR 40 part 50.11.

  • Can be utilised with multi-stage inertial impactors
  • Volumetric flow control in accordance with ISO-5167 requirements
  • Total management of sampling phases by Microprocessor with control and visualization of standard deviation
  • Connection with weather sensors for the detection of speed and wind direction for sector sampling (sensors not included)
  • Remote GSM/GPRS management (Optional)
  • External structure entirely in non-corrosive anodized aluminium
  • Atmospheric temperature and barometric pressure detection
  • Flow indicator: Digital by means of circuit board
  • Programming: cyclic by means of circuit board
  • Backlit HD graphics LCD display
  • Two-way RS 232
  • Automatic Re-Start in the event of current loss, with memorization of sampling periods and stop time display
  • Load loss check by means of graphics display

Alat Ukur Debu PM10 The new High Volume Air Flow PM10-HVS sampler line equipment perfectly complies with UNI-EN 12341 norm requirements for the respective sampling of PM-10 particles. It is equipped with an electronic flow control with a Venturi tube system in compliant with ISO 5167 requirements for gauging by means of differential pressure devices and for the detection of pressure itself on 4 points per sector, offering the user maximised accuracy for reliable results.

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The new PM 10 dust particle impactor splitting were constructed in full compliance with characteristics published in reference methods. When used with the aid of simple adapter kits, they can be replaced between one sampler and another for simple, versatile use. All sampling phase settings are electronically programmed. Samplings can be set by time, volume, cyclical sampling, from quadrant sector sampling. All detected data is memorized and transferred to a PC or to an optional local printer, with the possibility of remote GSM/GPRS control (optional). Thanks to new type 5 boards, it is possible to visualise all reported data at set values, sampling levels exceeding flow control chart patterns to ensure proper sampling development.

Head Sampling Particulate PM10 It is possible to view the following data on the display:

  • Set sampling time
  • Remaining sampling time
  • Atmospheric temperature
  • Cabin temperature
  • Atmospheric barometric pressure
  • Sampling flow
  • Sampling volume
  • Normalised sampling volume
  • Sampling irregularities
  • Wind speed (with installed sensor)
  • Wind direction (with installed sensor)
  • Sampling summary data (max. 25 tests)



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