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KQQZ Series Vehicle Inspection Station Test Line

Compact Vehicle Inspection Station Test Line Cosber has launched its first KQQZ-10 testline system in China, according to the modernization approach of Chinese Vehicle Inspection regulation. This is a 10 tons computerized vehicle testline system with automatic control concept, which is dedicated for the use of national Vehicle Inspection Station (VIS). Up to today, the KQQZ system became more reliable and intelligent; its configuration ranges are greatly expended to need multipurpose inspection requirement, and flexible by covering a wide range of vehicles from motorcycle to heavy duty vehicle.

System composition:

  1. Login program
    As the start of the computer and its network system, the login function is to register the vehicles to be inspected and order the necessary parameters to start inspection.
  2. Queue scheduling program
    After login, user is able to define the inspection queue (scheduling operation) of vehicle in form of planning list. This is to schedule the vehicle having logged in and passed appearance checks and complete testlane corresponding test items.
  3. Appearance Check registration
    The appearance check function is to check the visual appearance of the vehicles according to the requirements of GA468-2004 China. The appearance and safety items of the chassis are tested one by one and all the results are input by an computer connected panel.
  4. Operation control program
    Operation control program software is the core of testlane. It is to identify all the input and output, mechanical measurement actions, collection signals, acquire data. The program is able to control speedometer, exhaust gas, smoke opacity, headlights, sound level, sideslip, axis weight, braking, chassis and other items. With the software, the operator is guided through auxiliary operation and determines test results in a real-time display.
  5. Data management
    Data management mainly involves the information and statistics of test data as well as system setup.
  6. Calibration program
    The computer network testing system shall be provided with flexible measurement and inspection function and each subsystem shall be able to conduct self-calibration. The calibration program mainly provides the measured values of controlled testing devices with calibration interfaces, on which the zero point output, A/D value and calibration value of each analog output channel of each controlled device are displayed, and provides zero calibration and recovery operation.
  7. User management
    The users of VIS is able to be classify into different level of application authority. Each user can be named with independent ID and password. The highest level of user have the full authority to control and operate the all the functions of a VIS softwre.
  8. Monitoring function
    The monitoring function is primarily to monitor the working status of each station and the testing status of the inspection, so that owners and the management department can be informed of the testing process.
  9. Adjustment standard program
    To assess the performance result of a vehicle, the adjustment standard program is able to build up and set the guideline of Adjustment standard according the national transport regulation. System will automatically assess all the test results by the appropriate Standard.



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