Integreating and datalogger sound level meter.

Digital sound level meter is designed to measure the frequency density of sound a specific area. The meter is able to display the A sound level and C sound level, This meter conforms with the International standard IEC 651-1979 for class I requirement, therefore, the application range is wide: for mechanical test, electronic test, vehicle noise test and vehicle horn inspection.


  • Complies with IEC 651-1979 for class I requirement
  • Measures MaxL, MinL
  • Records Data Logger
  • PC interface integreated
  • To be connected to an external PC which allow to integreated C-NET (Cosber Network)
  • AC / DC Signal Output
  • Back-lit display


It use capacitance for the sound transistor, high capacity amplifier and digital IC chip to collect and calculate the sound level data, the graduation reach 0.1dB in all the application sound range. The structure of meter is simple and compact, it is easy to transport and install. HY-114 & HY-104 is a specific sound level meter for vehicle inspection system, using of RS232 serial port for communication between the meter and computer.


Technical Data

No Desciption HY-114 HY-104
1 Measurement 30 - 130db 30 - 130db
2 Frequency counter A, C A, C
3 Accuracy ±1.4dB (ref. 94dB@1KHz) ±1.5dB (ref. 94dB@1KHz)
4 Frequency Range 20Hz to 8KHz 20Hz to 8KHz
5 Microphone ½ inch Electret condenser microphone ½ inch Electret condenser microphone
6 Power Supply 6V batterys / 5V DC regulated 6V batterys