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SAE Mitra Sejati distributor of Cesva Instruments products Vibration Meter

CESVA have several models, to cover different applications. Our instruments facilitate the assessment of workers’ exposure to vibration, in accordance with ISO 5349-2 (hand arm) and ISO 2631-1 (whole body), vibrations in buildings, as well as carrying out measurements of vibration produced by machinery, vehicles and activities. In addition they enable measurements to be made, obtaining more or less information (overall, frequency and FFT analysis) depending on the needs of the user.

Vibration Model VC431
Instrument for the assessment of vibration in the fields of industrial hygiene (risks at work) and building. It has three measurement modes: Hand Arm (HA), Whole Body (WB), Whole Body (WB) for building and Structure (S).

Vibration Model SC310+VM310
Instrument for measuring human exposure to whole-body vibration in buildings and narrow band frequency analysis FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) of vibration


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