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Distributor of CESVA INSTRUMENTS , Class 2, SC160-SB Integrating-Averaging Sound Level Meter

The Sound Level Meter of Model SC160-SB (reference number SC160-SB) is a user-friendly, low cost, type 2 integrating sound level meter.
The SC160 (reference number SC160SB) can be used as either a sound level meter or as a spectrum analyser (OPTIONAL) and room noise evaluator by NC curves (OPTIONAL).

SC160-SB Integrating-Averaging Sound Level MeterThe sound level meter mode is ideal for measuring overall sound pressure levels. The SC160 (reference number SC160SB) measures all functions simultaneously with all the frequency weightings and calculates statistical data as maximum and minimum values and percentiles.
The spectrum analyser OPTIONAL mode allows you simultaneously and in real time to measure the sound pressure levels and the peak level for octave bands, centred on the frequencies 31.5, 63, 125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000 and 16000 Hz (without frequency weighting) and the global values with all frequency weightings.

The data measured and recorded by the SC160 (reference number SC160SB) can be transferred to a personal computer, so data is available in electronic format. The microphone is detachable. It can therefore be uncoupled and moved away from the SC160 (reference number SC160SB) by means of an extension cable (CNR-ITV).

Standard Regulation:
» IEC 61672-1:2002 Type 2 Sound level meter
» IEC 60651:01 Type 2 Sound level meter
» IEC 60804:00 Type 2 Integrating sound level
» IEC 61260:95 (A1:01) Type 2 Filters
» ANSI S1.4:83 (A1:01) Type 2 Sound level meter
» ANSI S1.43:97 (A1:02) Type 2 Integrating sound level
» ANSI S1.11:04 Type 2 Filters
» EN 60651:94 (A1:94) (A2:01) Type 2 Sound level meter
» EN 60804:00 Type 2 Integrating sound level
» EN 61260:95 (A1:01) Type 2 Filters
» CE Complies with 73/23/CEE and CEM 89/336/CEE low-tension regulations, the latter amended by 93/68/CEE.

Applications for SC160-SB:
» Industrial Hygiene
» Noise measurements for air conditioning installations (HVAC)
» Community noise measurements
» Vibration Measurements
» Sound and Video installation

Measurement Range:
» Lf, Ls, Le, Leqt, Leq1 and Leqt
- Limits: 0 - 137 dBA
- Upper crest factor limit 3: 130 dBA

» Lpeak
- Limits: 0 - 140 dB

Product Highlights:
» Type 2 sound level meter
» Optional: Real time octave band spectrum analyser (FB160 module)
» Measures all parameters simultaneously with frequency weightings A, C and Z
» Optional: Dosimeter Module for the assessment of noise in the workplace
» One single range




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