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CESVA INSTRUMENTS, SC102, Class 2 integrating sound level meter with measurement protocols

The Sound Level Meter of Model SC102 is more than just a noise measuring instrument as it not only carries out the measurements, but also the checks and calculations required by the standards, to get the final result, in situ.

It is the first integrating sound level meter with measurement protocols which simplifies the process of obtaining results to the maximum. It guides the user, step by step through the measurement process.

SC102, Class 2 integrating sound level meter with measurement protocolsThe SC102 adapts to the needs of each user as it enables the measurement protocol to be chosen for the following applications: MOTOR VEHICLES, LEISURE and COMMUNITY, RISKS AT WORK, MACHINERY (PRESSURE), MACHINERY (POWER) OR SOUND LEVEL METER (TRADITIONAL). The user simply follows the procedure indicated by the SC102, to obtain the final result.

Standard Regulation:
» IEC 61672-1:2002: Type 2 Sound level meter
» ANSI S1.4:83 (A1:01) Type 2 Sound level meter
» ANSI S1.43:97 (A1:02) Type 2 Integrating sound level
» ANSI S1.11:04 Type 2 Filters
» EN 61672-1:03 Class 2 Sound level meter
» CE Complies with 73/23/CEE and CEM 89/336/CEE low-tension regulations, the latter amended by 93/68/CEE

Applications for SC102:
» Industrial Hygiene
» Noise measurements for air conditioning installations (HVAC)
» Exhaust noise from vehicles
» Community noise measurements
» Sound power measurements (machinery)
» Sound and Video installation

Measurement Range:
» Lf, Ls, Le, Leqt, Leq1 and Leqt
- Limits: 0 - 137 dBA
- Upper crest factor limit 3: 130 dBA

» Lpeak
- Limits: 55 - 140 dB

» Frequency Weighting:
- Complies with EN 60651:1994 (A1:1994) standard as class 1
- A and C weighting: class 1

Product Highlights:
» Step by step guide through the protocols, while carrying out measurements
» Measures all parameters simultaneously
» Single scale
» Large 3.2” high resolution screen
» Only 3 operating keys (Soft key) and 1 on/off key
» Powered by USB (cable not included)
» APPLICATIONS: motor vehicles, leisure and community, risks at work, machinery (pressure), machinery (power) or sound level meter (traditional)




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