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We are a distributor of a range of state-of-the-art automotive testing & diagnostic products used by garages, workshops, regulatory authorities and service testing stations. Autostest production of: Autostop Heavy , Autostop Maxi , Autostop MiniPlus , Autostop MicroPlus , E Noise , Tint Tester , Brake Fluid and Suspension Tester, Five Gas Analyzers .

Autotest Products

AutoTest is pleased to announce the release of the new AutoStop Suspension Meter. AutoStop Suspension Meter Is a compact, battery-powered, hand held shock absorber tester that uses both the “Rebound Method” and “Damping Ratio.” Monitoring the vertical sprung mass movement of the vehicle to determine the performance of the individual shock absorber.

Note: Alat Uji Rem Portable (Portable Brake Meter), Alat Uji Kepekatan Kaca, Alat Uji Sistem Suspensin, Alat Uji Kekentalan Minyak Rem



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