Accurate and Fast Brake Performance Testing.

The AutoStop® Heavy Brake Meter is designed to test service and emergency brakes of heavy and slow-moving vehicles, off-road vehicles and even forklifts used in the transport and mining industries. Is a portable, battery-powered in-vehicle brake performance tester that measures average and maximum deceleration, stopping distance, test speed and pedal-force required to stop a vehicle.

AutoStop® Heavy Explorer Software is an optional add-on specifically designed to extend the capabilities of your AutoStop Heavy Brake Meter to a powerful fleet management and reporting tool. This vehicle database and brake test reporting software assists the mining and heavy vehicle industries in Australia to manage brake test records, and brake test Standards and calculations for their fleets.


  • Calculates and displays average and maximum deceleration, distance to stop, test speed and pedal-force required to stop the vehicle
  • Calculates and displays MFDD (Mean Fully Developed Deceleration) in accordance with ECE Reg 13
  • Prints two original reports (one for the customer, the other for the examiner) as a permanent record of the test results, date, time, examiner’s ID number and the vehicle’s registration/VIN number
  • Robust construction that is water-resistant and petrol, chemical and acid proof
  • Conventional (QWERTY) keypad lay-out, with tactile membrane cover
  • LCD display & adjustable display control
  • Calibration that is intentionally traceable through NATA
  • Both metric and imperial units of measurement
  • Rechargeable, sealed, acid-gel battery, with low-battery-level indicator and automatic shut-down

Main Features

  • AUTOSTOP™ Heavy
    • Evaluates brake performance in a quick reliable manner and prints an accurate test report that complies with International Standards.
  • AUTOSTOP™ Heavy
    • Is an efficient diagnostic and compliance tool, designed to test service and emergency brakes of heavy and slow-moving vehicles used in the transport and mining industries, off-road vehicles, and even forklifts.
  • AUTOSTOP™ Heavy
    • Has an optional data logging facility, which allows downloading to a PC through an RS-232c interface.
  • AUTOSTOP™ Heavy
    • Has found a ready acceptance with vehicle regulating authorities and vehicle operators throughout the world.


Technical Data

  • AutoStop Heavy Brake Tester
    • Dimension 123 x 267 x 246mm
    • Weight 3.0kg
    • Display 8 character LCD
    • Printer dotmatrix (built-in)
    • Keyboard QWERTY
    • Battery 12 V. 1.9 AH fully sealed lead acid rechargeable
    • Charger Output 12 V DC, center positive, 300 mA
    • Pedal Sensor Rated to less than ± 1N over 0 to 1000N
    • Accelerometer Rated to less than ± 1% over 0 to 1.5g
  • Paper
    • Wood-free paper
    • Max roll diameter 50mm
    • Width 44.5mm (+/-0.5mm)
    • Thickness 0.06mm (+/-0.001mm)
    • Basic Weight 52.3gms (14lb/500 sheet 17”x22”)
  • Ribbon
    • Epson type ERC-05
    • Ribbon Life Equivalent to 3 paper rolls
    • Print Speed 1.0 line/sec
    • Colour Purple or Black
    • Dimensions approx. 74mm (w) x 25mm (d) x 7mm (h)