4/5 Gas Analyser & Opacity Meter.

AutoTest’s combined Four/Five Portable Gas Analyser® and Opacity Meter® are user friendly analysis tools designed to improve how the gas efficiency of a vehicle is measured. Distributed throughout Australia, AutoTest’s Four/Five Portable Gas Analyser® and Opacity Meter® is suitable for both light and heavy vehicles.

Battery operated, they measure the contents of the exhaust gas and lets you know how efficient a vehicle is at reducing the amount of pollutant gases being released into the atmosphere. The combined device includes a built-in wireless connection between the Four/Five Portable Gas Analyser® and the Opacity Meter®. Smoke tests can be carried out using a PC connected to Gas Analyser, which enables you to easily read measurement data on the screen.

Even though the new product itself is simple, it comes with all the required probes, leads and a wireless OBD interface as standard equipment.


  • Suitable for Petrol, LPG and CNG engines
  • Capable of measuring CO, HC, CO2, O2
  • RPM measurement facility using vehicle battery or using optional accelerometer and inductive pick-up methods
  • Uses AutoTest’s printer and IrDA Printer Paper Pack
  • A comprehensive vehicle emissions testing solution
  • Complies with the OIML R99 (ISO 3930) Class 0 specification
  • Distributed through leading distributors, including Bursons, Triple Torque, Collery Deisler and Autoequip Australia

Optional Accessories

  • Accelerometer sensor pick-up
  • Inductive pick-up and cable assembly
  • Gas test software for PC interface
  • RS232 to USB Adaptor
  • NOx sensor for measuring fifth gas
  • Diesel filter for diesel engine testing

Standard Accessories

  • Sampling probe assembly for gas intake
  • Battery cable assembly
  • Oil temperature probe
No Measurement Range Resolution
- CO (Carbon Monoxide) 0 – 15.5% 0.01%
- CO2(Carbon Dioxide) 0 – 21.0% 0.10%
- HC (Hydro Carbon) 20000 ppm 1 ppm
- O2 (Oxygen) 0 – 25% 0.01%
- NOx (optional) 5000 ppm 1 ppm
- Lambda 0.200 – 2.000 0.001
- AFR 0 – 30% 0.01%
- Oil Temperature 0 – 120°C 1 °C
- Engine RPM 600 – 3500 Rpm 10 Rpm
- Measuring Gas Intake 3 litres/minute Printer: Thermal
- Operating time 9 hours continuous Stores: up to 100 tests
- Response time <15 sec Interface: RS232 serial, Bluetooth, Zigbee interface for PC Comm
- Warm-up time at 25°C <3 minutes up time at 0°C <10 minutes
- AC Power supply 100V - 265VAC, 50/60 Hz DC 11V to 16V DC battery
- Power Consumption 25 Watt Temp: +5°C to +45°C
- Dimension 310 x 400 x 210mm Weight: 9kg