Check your brake fluid viscosity!.

The AutoStop® Brake Fluid Tester efficiently and accurately measures the moisture content in vehicle brake fluid.” Brake fluid is designed to have a high boiling point to with stand the high temperatures generated by friction in the vehicle brake system.

Unfortunately brake fluid readily absorbs moisture from air that transfers through the flexible rubber hoses. Moisture reduces its boiling point leading to possible brake failure. Overseas studies have highlighted that over 50% of vehicles on the road today may have fluid that is too old to be within safety standards. Just like oil, brake fluid wears out and then it is simply not as reliable as fresh new brake fluid. In addition moisture contaminated brake fluid can corrode internal engine parts

AUTOSTOP™ Brake Fluid Tester

It’s not age and mileage that determines brake fluid change intervals; it’s moisture absorption. Brake fluid gradually absorbs moisture from the air. Moisture enters through the flexible hoses and reservoir breather. Absorbed moisture reduces the boiling point of brake fluid. Under prolonged hard braking conditions, particularly in hot weather or when a vehicle is heavily loaded, heat from the braking action can suddenly vaporize the fluid. Vapor unlike liquid is compressible and the driver’s foot suddenly goes straight to the floor resulting in complete loss of brakes, known as Vapor Lock

AUTOSTOP™ Brake Fluid Tester

Brake Fluid Tester is inserted into the master cylinder reservoir on the car and clipped onto the battery. When the button is pressed, a small sample of the fluid is heated up to boiling point where the temperature is recorded by an accurate electronic thermometer and displayed. This display alternates with the specified minimum boiling points so that it is instantly clear if the fluid needs to be changed or is within specification. The meter can be withdrawn and the display will continue so that it can be shown to the car owner. Disconnecting the battery then resets the meter for use again. There is no additional cost of consumables, nothing to order and stock and the meter is practically maintenance free.


Technical Data

  • Ergonomic Design
  • User Friendly
  • Checks brake fluid condition in under 1 minute
  • Operates off 12 volt supply – vehicles own battery
  • LCD display screen instructions lead operator through the complete test sequence
  • Increase brake servicing revenue
  • Suitable for use on new brake fluid and racing fluids