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The AUTOTEST MicroPlus Compact, low cost, battery powered brake performance tester.
Measures tri-axial deceleration of any type of vehicle or motorcycle. Three button operation, installed in seconds anywhere in the car.

Autostop MicroPlus (Alat Uji Rem Portable)A compact, battery powered, in-vehicle brake performance tester that uses state of the art, multichannel sensors to measure tri-axial deceleration of any type of vehicle or motorcycle, making it one of the
most versatile brake testers on the market
Evaluates the performance of the brakes by measuring forward deceleration, speed and stopping distance
Accurate and easy to use via a simple three-button operation
Installed in seconds any where in the car
With data logging and download to PC through RS- 232c
IRDA interface direct to remote printer.

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  • Determines tri-axial deceleration, forward deceleration
  • Calculates MFDD ( Means Fully Developed Deceleration) in accordance with ECE R13, and displays on printout.
  • Simple 16-button operation via a tactile membrane pad
  • Can be installed anywhere in the vehicle
  • Self-aligning by identifying its orientation at the beginning of each test
  • Lightweight (< 500grms), compact (90 x 200 x 35mm)
  • LCD display
  • Adjustable Display control
  • Automatic start function
  • Shut-off after 10 minutes to preserve battery life (over 24 hours running time)
  • Built-in integrity check
  • Built-in real time clock
  • Calibration is internationally traceable through NATA
  • Calibration interval twenty four months
  • Internet support hotline for diagnostics
  • Comprehensive after-sales service and assistance
  • EIA RS-232c and IRDA Interface
  • Memory storage: Ten tests
  • PC down load capability and graph
  1. STEP 1: Attach Micro Plus to the dashboard, centre console or passenger seat so that the buttons and screen are clearly visible..
  2. STEP 2: Turn on Micro Plus, accelerate the vehicle to the desired test speed and apply the brakes until the vehicle is stationary..
  3. STEP 3: After the vehicle has come to a stop, Micro Plus evaluates and displays forward deceleration, speed and stopping distance.

Catatan: Alat Uji Rem Portable (Portable Brake Meter) Mengukur Perlambatan Pengereman Kendaraan Bermotor Mobil dan Speda motor.



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