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AUTOSTOP Maxi is a portable brake meter, battery-powered, in-vehicle brake performance tester that measures average and maximum deceleration, stopping distance, test speed and pedal-force required to stop a vehicle

Autostop Maxi (Alat Uji rem Portable)The Maxi evaluates brake performance in a quick and reliable manner, and prints an accurate test report that complies with International Standards.
The Maxi is an efficient diagnostic and compliance tool, designed to test service and emergency brakes of passenger cars, light and heavy goods vehicles, buses, light and heavy rail and transit vehicles.

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The Maxi is used by garages, workshops, service and testing stations and regulatory authorities. Since its introduction, the Maxi has found a ready acceptance with vehicle regulating authorities and vehicle operators throughout the world.
The Maxi has an optional data logging facility, which allows downloading to a PC through an RS-232c interface.

  1. STEP 1: Secure the Maxi in the vehicle with its strap or optional floor-mounted magnet in a horizontal position with the lid open and facing forward. Attach the load cell to the brake pedal to test the service brakes.
  2. STEP 2: Turn on the Maxi and enter examiner’s ID and the vehicle’s registration number. Start the test by accelerating the vehicle to the required speed.
  3. STEP 3: Apply the brakes by pressing your foot on the load cell attached to the brake pedal, until the vehicle is stationary.
  4. STEP 4: After the vehicle has come to a stop, the Maxi evaluates the brake performance, and displays and prints the test results.

Catatan: Alat Uji Rem Portable (Portable Brake Meter) Mengukur Perlambatan Pengereman Kendaraan Bermotor Truck atau Mobil



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