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Waterra'-In-Situ's selection of water quality testing equipment is chosen with the demands of field use in mind. We offer a selection of single parameter meters, multi-parameter meters and pocket testers with flow cells, colorimeters, in-line filters and other accessories needed for groundwater and surface water quality testing, sampling and monitoring.


GPS AQUAMETER™ AM-200 The new GPS AQUAMETER™ AM-200 from AQUAREAD™ is the world's most sophsticated, yet easy to use multiparameter water quality test system. No other equipment available today can match the GPS AQUAMETER™ and associated AQUAPROBES™ in either specification or value for money. With the GPS AQUAMETER™ and its associated range of multiparameter probes, it is now possible for anyone to obtain fast, reliable, accurate and dependable water quality readings.

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GPS Aquameter Features

  • Built in GPS receiver to enable location tagging with every data set, view data in Google Earth
  • Display of all the parameters being measured; scroll left and right to view
  • Record your data set at the touch of a single button, press M+ to record full data set including all parameters, GPS data and calibration data
  • Built in air pressure sensor for atmospheric compensation
  • Ergonomic curved design sits nice in the hand, with rubber gasket for added grip in wet condition
  • Rugged, metal AquaConn connectors provide extreme durability where its needed most

View your water quality data in real time with the GPS Aquameter

Even if you will be using your Aquaprobe with an AquaLogger or other device, you will still need a GPS Aquameter. The meter gives you real time readings via the display, which are useful when deploying your logging system as it allows you to check the parameters are all reading ok.

GPS meter required for probe calibration

More importantly you will need the Aquameter to perform calibrations on all of the probes sensors. If you are purchasing multiple probes for unmanned logging, then you may only need to purchase 1 meter. This is because the latest calibration data is stored in the probe, allowing you to use 1 Aquameter to calibrate multiple probes.


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