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Waterra'-In-Situ's selection of water quality testing equipment is chosen with the demands of field use in mind. We offer a selection of single parameter meters, multi-parameter meters and pocket testers with flow cells, colorimeters, in-line filters and other accessories needed for groundwater and surface water quality testing, sampling and monitoring.


AQUAMETER™ AM-100The new AQUAMETER™ from AQUAREAD™ is the world's most sophsticated, yet easy to use multiparameter water quality test system. No other equipment available today can match the AQUAMETER™ and associated AQUAPROBES™ in either specification or value for money.
The AQUAMETER™ is a breakthrough in ergonomic and operating system design and was developed by an award-winning team of scientists and engineers whose experience includes the design of moving map satellite navigation systems for high speed military jets.

With the AQUAMETER™ and its associated range of multiparameter probes, it is now possible for anyone to obtain fast, reliable, accurate and dependable water quality readings.

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Aquameter Features

  • Lanyard with quick release safety catch for easy hands-free operation
  • Integral atmospheric pressure sensor for fully automatic correction of Dissolved Oxygen readings
  • Tough, high impact, IP67 waterproof case with sure-grip rubber gasket, carefully sculpted to fit the hand
  • Easy data recall — just press the MR key, then browse readings using the arrow keys
  • Large rubber keypad for ease of use with cold, wet hands or when wearing gloves
  • Readings can be logged automatically at a pre-determined rate or instantaneously along with calibration data (GLP) by pressing the M+ key



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