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Waterra'-In-Situ's selection of water quality testing equipment is chosen with the demands of field use in mind. We offer a selection of single parameter meters, multi-parameter meters and pocket testers with flow cells, colorimeters, in-line filters and other accessories needed for groundwater and surface water quality testing, sampling and monitoring.

AQUAPlus™ GPS DO-200

AQUAPlus™ DO-200The portable, GPS AquaPlus Optical DO/EC system

AquaPlus system features:

AquaPlus probe features a combined DO (optical), EC & Temperature sensor
Fully automatic compensation for temperature, air pressure and salinity (very rare for standalone optical DO probes, often have to enter salinity manually)
AquaPlus uses the DO-200 GPS meter, meaning that this system also records the GPS coordinates of your datasets, viewable in Google Earth
The AquaPlus probe is very slim measuring les than 20mm in diameter.

The AquaPlus™ GPS METER uses optical technology to eliminate all these problems, allowing high precision, membrane-free, long-term stability along with infrequent calibration and immunity to fouling by sulphides and other gases.

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  • Very low maintenance
  • No electrolyte to replace
  • No flow of water is required to achieve a steady reading
  • Holds calibration longer

Perfect for measuring DO in aquaculture or process industry

Because oxygen is not consumed across a permeable membrane, oxygen is not consumed during use of this electrode. This means that a flow of water is not required to maintain a steady reading. Its for this reason that the AquaPlus is ideal for monitoring the water in fish farms and in process plants.

Full accessory range available for this portable water testing instrument

All of Aquaread's water testing probes are available with a full range of accessories. Accessories include rugged carrying cases, flowcells and calibration solutions.

optical technology
Working in conjunction with the AquaPlus™ Probe, the new AquaPlus™ system is the only portable Optical DO (Optical DO) system currently available which includes direct EC measurement for accurate salinity compensation. Automatic temperature and barometric pressure compensation are also included.

By including direct EC measurement, the AquaPlus™ System has also allowed Resistivity (RES), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and Seawater Specific Gravity (SSG) to be calculated. These parameters are all displayed on the AquaPlus™ Meter.

DO-200 features:

  • Lanyard with quick release safety catch for easy hands-free operation
  • Integral atmospheric pressure sensor for fully automatic correction of Dissolved Oxygen readings
  • Tough, high impact, IP67 waterproof case with sure-grip rubber gasket, carefully sculpted to fit the hand
  • Large rubber keypad for ease of use with cold, wet hands or when wearing gloves
    readings can be logged automatically at a pre-determined rate or instantaneously along with calibration data (GLP) by pressing the M+ key
  • Recalling the data is simple — just press the MR key, then browse your readings using the arrow keys
  • Integral GPS receiver and antenna for position tagging of readings in either Lat/Long or British Ordnance Survey Grid Reference (OSGB) format
  • Large, high contrast display for perfect readability, backlit in low light conditions with a soft white light
  • For clarity, readings are spread over several easy-to-read screens, each instantly accessible using the left or right arrow keys
  • Extremely simple multilingual operating system. All setup and calibration functions are accessed via the MENU key and navigated with the four arrow keys. At each level there is a simple choice of OK or ESC
  • Rugged,waterproof connector for interfacing with the AquaPlus™ Probe or to a PC using the custom USB cable supplied as standard along with Oxilink™software utility



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