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E Instruments International

E Instruments International, Providing the latest in Combustion Gas & Emissions Analyzers for Boiler, Engine, Furnace, and other Combustion Applications

BTU 900 Economical Combustion Gas Analyzer Series

BTU 900 Economical Combustion Gas Analyzer Series

  • Combustion Analyzer for O2, CO, CO2, Excess Air, Efficiency
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) Leak Detector
  • Built-In Diff. Pressure Manometer
  • Draft Meter
  • Thermometer (Ambient, Flue & Incoming Air)
  • NEW – High Efficiency Ready for ALL 90+ systems!

Download, E Instruments Model BTU900 [Download]

Most Popular Features:

  • 2 & 3 Gas Models. All models come with O2, CO, CO2, All are easily Field Upgradeable to NO/NOx
  • ALL BTU900 Kits come with 600 Internal Test Memory & PC Software (email tests to customer)
  • PC Software Included to download tests & customer database (keep records, export & email)
  • Field-Replaceable, Pre-Calibrated Sensors (eliminate any downtime!)
  • IR Printer Port—unit prints to Your existing HP–type IR printer from most competitors. Save $$$
  • Unbreakable Metal Connections (NO plastic breakable pieces)
  • Easy to use with direct ONE Button Operation & One page Operating guide!


  • O2, CO, CO2
  • All models & kits are field upgradeable to NO/NOx
  • Combustion Efficiency
  • Excess Air
  • Ambient and Flue Gas Temperature (Tair, Tgas)
  • Incoming Temp (High Efficiency & Condensing Boilers!)
  • Draft & Differential Pressure Manometer Built-In
  • Ambient CO Monitoring
  • 10 Different Fuels & Oils (including Bio-Fuel)
  • Economical, Ergonomic, Compact, and Rugged
  • Rechargeable Battery with AC Charger Included (standard)
  • Large Bright BLUE LCD Backlit Display
  • Real Time Clock with Date and Time
  • 10’ Dual Hose Included
  • Gas and Draft Measurements Simultaneously
  • 12" Probe Included
  • ABS Hard Carrying Case
  • Protective, Magnetic Rubber Boot Included
  • Perfect for ANY Oil, Gas, Wood, Bio-Fuel and many more Applications



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